The DocuPet Program

Dog and Cat

Local Pet Registration that Works

DocuPet provides a pet owner-focused service aimed to bring huge value to each member. As thanks for licensing a pet, and for helping support local animal welfare, we provide our members with better data records, convenient and modern online systems, North America’s best lost pet service, gift cards and deals, and whole lot of helpful advice and local info. All of this is provided free of charge to our licensee members.

A Modern Online Pet Record System

Each community has its own branded online system where pet owners can register pets and complete online profiles. Pet owners can add multiple contact names, upload pet photos, and include care instructions to assist anyone who needs to look after a pet until it can be returned safely home.

Data records are stored with the highest security protocols in place. Data is not shared or sold with any third parties. And privacy settings, including account deletion, is manageable by our members from any internet-enabled device.

Our HomeSafeTM Lost Pet Service

Included with a DocuPet membership is access to North America’s foremost lost pet service. This service ties unique pet tag codes to secure online records. With robust Lost and Found Pet Reporting tools, a community search party program, and a 24/7 hotline, DocuPet has been able to get 97% of reported lost pets home quickly, safely and at no cost to pet owners or local pet shelters. 

Advice and Info for Pet Owners

We provide all sorts of great pet ownership advice for our members. We’ll also share local pet-related stories, event announcements, and news. Our content is available in member accounts, via social media and by email (if you opt-in, of course!)

Renewal Reminders and Automated Billing

There’s no need to mark a calendar to know when your annual license is up for renewal. We’ll remind you via email and even an automated call if the deadline gets close. Don’t want to hear from us this way? If you choose, you can sign up for automated renewals and we’ll notify you before we process your payment each year.

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