DocuPet’s Perks for Pet Owners Program

Free Promotion to Your Local Pet Owner Community

About Our Program

DocuPet is the official pet licensing partner of municipalities across North America.

We make licensing easy with a streamlined online service. But the key to our success is the value that we bring to registered members. Pet owners love HomeSafe™, our amazing and free lost pet service, almost as much as they love the many perks and deals we bring to them.

Hopefully you’ve seen us around your town, promoting our program with community canvassing, signage, and online advertising campaigns. We do all of this to let people know of the need and importance of pet licensing – both to them and to the welfare of animals in your area.

We hope that you’ll join with us in promoting animal welfare. We’ll do the promotion of your company and your offer – at no cost. All you need to do is connect with us to figure out the best way to get your company in front of our targeted pet owner audience.

Please contact us to start a conversation and see how we can help you spread the word about your amazing business!

DocuPet Perks ProgramWe hope that you want to help us encourage pet licensing, and make it more rewarding, by participating in our “Perks for Pet Owners” program. This free advertising opportunity gives your pet-related business all sorts of ways to reach pet owners in your community. You can participate in any or all of the following promotions:

Deal of the Week

Make a special offer on any product or service pet owners. We’ll promote the deal on our website, in our social media channels and in an email to each of our members.

  • Great for: Massive, one-time promotion to get new customers in the door

Online Contests

Offer up a great prize, or a few prizes, for our members to win. We’ll interact with our members and the community via social media to get pet owners excited to win something great from you. Our contests include photo submissions, referral programs, and lucky draws.

  • Great for: Low cost/low risk brand promotion to a large local audience

Referral Campaign

Want to offer up something for our most avid members? Our referral campaign is an opportunity to present your company and a special offer to every member who refers a friend or family member to DocuPet. This deal or gift is promoted consistently on our website, and frequently via social media and email. We also include this promotion to every new member who registers with us each day.

  • Great for: Multiple messages to our full audience that drives people to your location

Community-wide Deals and Offers

Looking to promote customer loyalty? Present a discount to every pet owner member all the time! Our Community-wide promotion allows us to constantly promote your business online with your DocuPet-member friendly offer that they can take advantage of again and again. For a small distribution fee, you can also have us mail coupons with your deals and offers to our members directly.

  • Great for: “Always on” promotion to our full community that drives customers to your location

Member Voucher

Drive up to 20% of our users to your store by offering a free voucher for each registration. Our member voucher program is our most widely promoted offer with aggressive online, in-community, website, social media and email advertising support.

  • Great for: Larger pet stores that want maximum brand awareness and maximum customer acquisition potential

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