The City of Boulder and the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department have chosen DocuPet as the Voice & Sight program administrator. Now gaining Voice and Sight program access will be even easier!

In 2020, all Voice & Sight Tags and Pet Guardian registrations will be purchased online at Tags will be mailed to registrants or can be picked up at 2520 55th Street in Boulder.

Once you have watched the video and if you have the Activation Code we emailed to you, click here to activate your account and get registered for the 2020 Voice & Sight program.

2020 Voice & Sight Tags

Watch this short 

video before proceeding

How to Register or Renew your Voice & Sight Tag


Complete the Education Class or the Online Refresher Course Every Five Years

Dog owners must complete a free hour-long class before registering for the Voice & Sight Tag Program. The class covers the specific legal requirements of Voice & Sight control, goes over tips for successfully managing dogs off-leash, and discusses some common scenarios that could be encountered. If you took the education course prior to 2015, you are required to complete the online refresher class this year.

Are you new to Voice & Sight?


Register or Renew Your Voice & Sight Tags Online

If you have completed your education class or online refresher course within the last five years, you may register for your Voice & Sight Tag by visiting One of the following two scenarios will apply to you.

NOTE: City of Boulder residents are required to have a valid dog license.

If you've already created a DocuPet account because you've previously licensed a dog in Boulder, you simply need to log into your account to renew your Voice & Sight tags and pay.

Already a DocuPet Member?

If you've registered for Voice & Sight before and do not have a DocuPet account, you will need to create one. 

You will require your Activation Code, which we will have emailed to you.

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You will require proof of rabies vaccination for all dogs participating in the program.

2020 Voice & Sight Program Fees

Initial Registration Fees

Renewal Fees

  • City of Boulder Residents: $5
  • Boulder County Residents not in the City of Boulder: $20
  • Non-Boulder County residents: $30

Between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31 renewal fees apply. Starting Feb. 1, renewal fees will no longer be valid and initial registration fees will be applied.

  • City of Boulder Residents: $13
  • Boulder County Residents not in the City of Boulder: $33
  • Non-Boulder County residents: $75

The registration fee includes one guardian and one dog. The fee for each additional guardian in a household is $5, and the fee for each additional dog in a household is $10.

Additional guardian and dog registration fees will be waived for City of Boulder households who meet income criteria consistent with the City of Boulder Food Tax Rebate Program or the Parks and Recreation Reduced Rate Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Voice and Sight Tag Program?

In 2006, OSMP rolled out the Voice and Sight Tag Program, which allows dogs to access designated trails off leash if they display special participation tags and they are under “voice and sight control” of their guardians at all times. In 2015, new program changes went into effect which require all program participants to complete an education class, verify a City of Boulder dog license or rabies vaccination for all dogs participating in the program and pay revised program fees.

Can I walk my dog off-leash within the city limits of Boulder after I have purchased a tag?

The Voice and Sight Tag Program applies only to certain City of Boulder lands where having a dog on a leash is not required. On-leash control is always required within the city limits of Boulder except in specially designated dog parks or other areas specifically exempted from this requirement. All trails posted as requiring a leash prohibit the use of voice and sight control.

Is participating in the program a requirement or just a request?

It is required by law for anyone intending to use voice and sight control privileges. Participation in the program and displaying a valid program tag on all dogs under voice and sight control is required by the Boulder Revised Code (BRC) 6-1-16 and 6-13-2 through 6-13-5.

Is the Voice and Sight Tag unique to a specific dog?

Yes, the tag signifies that the dog guardian has registered in the program and that the dog meets vaccination requirements. 

Is there a test or certification process associated with getting Voice and Sight Tags?

No. By registering for the program and displaying the tags on your dog, you are simply stating that you have attended the education class on voice and sight control. You also agree to walk your dog under voice and sight control terms while on City of Boulder lands that allow voice and sight control.

How do I get a replacement for a lost tag?

You can replace a lost tag online through the renew/update link, or by coming in to one of our offices - details on locations and office hours are available above.

Why register as "Dog Walker Only"?

If you don't intend to register a dog and only walk other peoples dogs under voice and sight control; the registration process is streamlined to not include dog information. No tags will be shipped.

Note: If you are a commercial dog-walker, you will also need a Commercial Use Permit to bring dogs to Open Space and Mountain Parks.

If you end up acquiring a dog after registering as a "Dog Walker Only" you can add dogs to your household account by calling 720-564-2006.

Need help? Here's who to contact.

Questions about the Voice & Sight Program

For help registering your Voice & Sight Tag

Open Space & Mountain Parks

(303) 441-3440

2520 55th St.

Boulder CO, 80301