Our Story

Thank You.

Workers and volunteers at pet shelters work tirelessly to care for and rehome millions of pets each year. They are the primary caregivers for the most desperate animals in our communities. Unfortunately, they struggle to raise the necessary funds to support their work.

We wanted to help.

When we learned that up to 60% of pet shelter funding comes from licence sales but that just 13% of pet owners comply with mandatory registration laws, our mission was born.

Since 2014, DocuPet has partnered with local shelters and communities to increase pet licence sales, decrease workload, and build programs that reduce shelter stays.

By providing you with better pet tags, a free lost pet service, gift vouchers and deals, and lots of information about pet care in your community, we hope that pet licence registration is now as valuable to you as it is to local animal welfare.

So, thank you for being a key part of the solution.

Why Pet Licences Matter.

A very low percentage of pet owners take the time to license their pets. Why? Best we can tell, most don’t know they are even required to buy a pet licence. Those who do often see it as an unnecessary money grab, or they don’t want to put an “ugly stamped tag” on their pet, or they feel that there is no consequence for failing to register.

We’ve partnered with local shelters and communities to help you and your fellow local pet owners understand why pet licences are so important.

Getting stray pets home is a major problem.

When a stray pet arrives at an animal shelter, it’s often very hard to locate its owner. Microchips are helpful but only if the information on file is up to date. Pet tags linked to online profiles allow local animal control officers and shelter workers to get stray pets safely home. That’s a big deal.

Licences are a primary funding source for front line animal care and control

Animal shelter work is REALLY tough. It’s back-breaking and it’s heart-wrenching. To make matters worse, it’s dramatically underfunded in most communities. With 5:1 volunteer to employee ratios, high turnover due to emotional and physical burnout, and unexpected influxes of animals and associated costs, finding sufficient, dependable funding is key to creating a healthy animal shelter environment.

Will You Tell Someone?

We hope that you enjoy the value-added services we provide to our members and that you’ll take the time to inform some of your friends and family about the importance of pet licensing to you, your pet and animal welfare in your community.