DocuPet's By-law Awareness Program

One of the primary reasons that pet owners fail to license their animals is lack of awareness of local laws. DocuPet tackles this challenge head-on by implementing awareness campaigns in each community that we serve.

This program sees Community Representatives, hired by DocuPet, following assigned routes hanging informational flyers on the front doors of local residences advising community residents of their obligation to license their pets.

Representatives do not seek to disturb homeowners and as such do not knock on doors, ring doorbells, or sell licences, although they will happily chat with anyone they meet during their work day. They follow pre-planned routes provided by a manager and check in regularly with DocuPet staff.

Follow up letters are sent to those addresses where obvious signs of pets have been noted including beware of dog and save my pet signage, barking dogs, and animals leashed on front lawns.

Licensing pets is important for the community. Licence tags help ensure pets get returned home safely, and that the costs of animal control be offset by those who own cats and dogs.

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