Perks for Pet Owners

DocuPet provides all sorts of financial perks for our members. In partnership with local, regional and national brands, our goal is to ensure that pet registration helps you as much as it helps animal care providers in your community.

Gift Vouchers

In most of the communities we serve, you can expect to receive a free gift card worth $20 or more at a local pet store for each pet you register or renew with DocuPet. Cool, huh?

Contests and Campaigns

Know what pet owners love? Great deals on things they need. How do we make this happen? DocuPet members receive contest opportunities and access to referral and promotion campaigns - all of which result in real financial benefits for our members.

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Exciting Pet Safety Products

Exciting Pet Safety Products

Check out the DocuPet Store. You’ll see carefully selected products aimed to ensure your fuzzy buddies get home safely each night, and are happy when out and about.

Our store includes emergency door stickers, nighttime safety products, identification upgrades, health and wellness items, and more…

When you register with DocuPet, you’ll get a chance to receive these items with free shipping.

Plus, we donate 20% of all product purchases to local animal welfare charities through our Safe&Happy Fund.

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So Much More

As a DocuPet member you also receive free access to our HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service , tons of great pet advice and local pet news , and perhaps most important of all - knowledge that you have helped support animal care in your community.

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