Pet Food

    Chow Time: 7 Vets Give Their Advice For Feeding Your Dog

    We all want our pets to be healthy and happy; a great diet plays a starring role. Confused about what to feed Fido? (Us too! There’s so much advice out there.) Let’s see what the experts have to say about chow time. Dr. TJ Dunn Jr., DVM and Canine Nutritionist[…]

    Human Foods that Can Harm Your Cat

    Cats are famous, or infamous, for their curiosity. But what happens when their sense of adventure and exploration extends into your kitchen or pantry? Then your kitty can go from intrepid to in trouble. There are certain human foods that can harm your cat; which items should you make sure[…]

    Human Foods that Can Harm Your Dog

    You share everything with your furry friend: your love, your home, your car on road trip adventures, your sofa on quiet evenings at home, your leftovers after a good dinner. Whoa…back up! While you’d do anything for your pooch, offering people food is not always a safe idea. So, before[…]