Join us around the campfire for some HomeSafe™ success stories

Gather ‘round, one and all. It’s time to hear a round of riveting escape stories from pets all across the country. We never like to imagine it happening to us, but 1 out of 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lifetime. Our HomeSafe™ team works around the clock to ensure lost pets make it home safely and quickly. Pets wearing DocuPet ID tags get home faster - this is great for the lost pets and their families, but it also helps local shelters by freeing up space for animals in need.

Here are some first-hand HomeSafe™ success stories from pet owners across Canada.

“We let Inca outside, but she decided she wanted to go out wandering! We didn’t even realize she was gone until we received a call from DocuPet, saying someone had found her. The kind woman who found Inca entertained her until I was able to come pick her up. “


“Luna is a social dog who likes to jump into other yards to play with neighbouring dogs. She jumped the backyard fence to visit a neighbour a few doors down one day. Thankfully they reported her found to DocuPet, and she was returned home in no time.”


“I was taking my daughter to school, and Chewie somehow managed to escape the house AND our gate! A kind couple found Chewie wandering around and reported him found to DocuPet. He was home within 10 minutes of escaping!”


“We were enjoying a nice campfire at night when it started to rain. As we were packing everything up to go indoors, our dog Axel ran off, probably looking for mud puddles. He was found by someone nearby and we were promptly contacted. Axel made it home in no time thanks to his ID tag!”


“When we are outside, Mysti has the freedom to be out with us, but this is when Mysti takes advantage. We even started to recognize a shifty look in her eyes! When our backs were turned, she dashed into the trees and made her way off our farm to check out what was happening at the neighbours. Within about 20 minutes of realizing Mysti was gone, I had a call from DocuPet letting me know she had been found!”


“My mother-in-law was walking with Grimmer off-leash on a scenic plot of land close to her house when Grimmer decided to go visit a couple living nearby for treats and company! Thankfully Grimmer’s new friends spotted his ID tag and were able to contact us.”


“Keeko snuck out of the house while mom and dad were both busy. Thankfully, a kind neighbour saw my DocuPet ID tag and was able to call them. We ran down the street to get her back! DocuPet made it so easy for Keeko to find her way home. Thank you!”


“We live in the country, so Zoey wanders around the property quite a bit. Zoey is super friendly and loves to meet new friends, but often, she wanders a bit too far from home. Thankfully, someone found Zoey during one of her trips off the property. They reported her as found through the information on the back of her ID tag, and she was home in no time!”


“Pawla is a stray who’s been domesticated, does not use a litter box and has his own door — an independent fella! He often wanders around our neighbourhood and is extremely friendly and confident. He doesn’t shy away from nearby schools. He recently was located near a high school, and DocuPet called us. After the call, we were able to retrieve him from the school football field and bring him home for treats and pets!”


 “Sunday is Ginger’s sunbathing day, so she can always be found lounging in the backyard. Unfortunately, on this day, the gate had accidentally been left open. She stuck her little nose through the gate to open it further and started on her merry little way. Ginger, also a fan of the casino nearby, decided sunbathing wasn't nearly as fun as the shiny lights of the slot machines. Luckily, a kind lady noticed Ginger on her own and was able to get in touch with me thanks to her ID tag.”


Has HomeSafe™ helped your lost pet make it home?

Let us know! Email us at with your pet’s (failed) great escape story.