Keeping your pet calm during fireworks this summer

While fireworks may be fun for us humans, they can inspire quite the opposite reaction in our furry friends. Repetitive, loud noises such as fireworks can cause stress, anxiety, and in some cases, aggression in pets - so it’s important to prepare ahead of time to ensure your pet has the most comfortable night that they possibly can.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help your pet stay calm, cool and collected when fireworks are going off.

Daytime walks

Avoid evening or late-night walks. If you can, try to walk your dog during the day to avoid being out when fireworks are going off. Dogs can quickly become startled and agitated by sudden, loud noises and can run off as a result, especially if they aren’t leashed.

Create a safe space

When most of us are stressed, we like to curl up under a blanket and forget the world for a bit - our pets feel this way too. By creating a safe and quiet space in your home for your pet, they will be able to retreat somewhere that is comforting for them. 

Close the windows and draw the curtains and blinds to muffle any noise that may occur. Place toys, bedding, food and water in a specific area of your home so your pet can feel safe and at ease when the loud noises start. Make sure they can freely move about the house, should they feel the need. Keep in mind that all pets react differently when they’re nervous - some enjoy small and enclosed spaces, while others like being in the open- you know your pet best, so prepare accordingly!

Keep outdoor cats inside 

If your cat roams freely outdoors, consider bringing them inside for the night. Outdoor cats may find themselves in an unfamiliar location when fireworks are going off, which can lead to them hiding away from home and getting lost.

Drown out the noise

Distract your pet from the loud noises by playing music, the television or even white noise. For some pets, this may be enough to keep them calm. Plus, who doesn’t love a good jam session?

Comfort your pet

You likely don’t need a tip for this, but showing your pet affection can do wonders for their stress. Cuddles, treats and words of encouragement can help your pet remain calm when fireworks go off (plus, they deserve it. Yes, they do. Good boys and girls).

If you know your pet struggles with loud noises, consider staying home with them until your local firework shows have wrapped up. Just having you there is enough to reassure your pet that everything will be okay.

Talk to your vet

If your pet struggles with extreme stress or anxiety, speak with your vet about possible treatment plans. 

Make sure your pet is wearing their DocuPet ID tag!

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