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DocuPet aims to find a safe and happy home for every pet in North America. We need great people to help us achieve our mission.

Learn more about what we do and tell us if you think you’re right for DocuPet… and if DocuPet is right for you.

Available Positions

We Help the Helpers

Simply put, DocuPet helps pet shelters do what they do best: ensure more animals find safe and happy homes. We do this with our best-in-class pet licensing solution that provides huge value for pet owners, encouraging more people to license their furry friends and thus increasing revenues for pet welfare. We also take away administrative burden and help our shelter partners create engaged pet owner communities.

Culture Matters

Everyone at DocuPet comes to work everyday to build toward our mission of finding a safe and happy home for every pet. We share a vision for what our growing business will look like, and we know that we will need to expand from ~25 people today to more than 60 in a few years to achieve our goals.

What’s it like at DocuPet? We are organized, we conduct professional meetings, we use modern technology, we plan our actions, we track our activities and growth. And we laugh, we celebrate, we decompress, we support, we care.

We are growing very quickly. We are adding people to our team across North America, and we need to ensure that we all “get” each other and continue to make DocuPet a great place to grow a career. This is why we live and breathe our core values everyday. We take these VERY seriously. If you read these and think “oh baby, this is SO me” then we want to talk to you.

Core Values

Go Big

We aim to do big things. We don’t aim to impress ourselves, or those around us, we aim to be the very best anywhere. We accept all challengers and we intend to win.

We earn customers because we provide the best services and products available to them. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers, vendors and partners are happy. We bring new services and opportunities to customers and partners and always have a road map that is miles ahead of where we and our competitors stand. We win because we think and achieve at a grand scale.

Whatever It Takes

We finish whatever we start. No excuses. It often means a lot of work, but it’s worth it because we are the types who don’t rest until the job is done.We communicate closely to ensure that everyone is on the same page, informed as needed, consulted when required, and that efficiencies in our work are always found.


Our people and our business inspire those around us. Each team member has a job to do, and they do it with excellence and grace. They bring joy to everyone they meet. We all have bad days, but we work hard to bring our most positive attitude and work ethic every day. We bring this same attitude to our customers, vendors and partners. The result is an inspiring workforce that breeds confidence and excitement in everyone with whom we work.

Sell It

Each of us is responsible for selling ourselves, our projects, our outcomes and our efforts. We must be individually and collectively convicted in our actions.

We sell our ideas, our services and our products at every opportunity. That means preaching about our business around town, at networking events, in our emails and phone calls. We are proud and we take the necessary time to sell ourselves whenever we can.

We use data to support our arguments where we can. We are logic-driven.


We work as a team. We treat each other the way we expect to be treated. This applies to our external customers, vendors and partners as well. We are happy and respectful even when we disagree.

We are champions of never losing the war when a disagreement (battle) is underway. We disagree, make a note, and then accept the result, get onboard, and move on.

We listen to all opinions and voices, taking time to make sure that those with quieter personalities and those who take time to collect and share their ideas are heard. We accept differing viewpoints and are an inclusive office.

Where We Work

We work out of two primary offices, one in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and another in Syracuse, New York, USA. Our offices are connected by live video feeds so that our team members in each location can easily get together for on-the-fly discussions.

Available Positions

Your Next Great Adventure Starts Here! We are ALWAYS looking for great people in software development, relationship management, marketing, sales, customer service and operations. Write to us at with a cover letter and a resume if you think you would be right at home at DocuPet.

We are actively seeking people to fill the following positions: