How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Spring

    Spring is finally (kinda) here! You’re going to be out and about with your dog much more, and that is really something to look forward to! But with the melting ice and snow come some things to keep in mind when on your outdoor adventures with Fido. Take a peek at[…]

    How to Remove Ticks From Dogs

    Ah, the carefree days of summer! What do you have to worry about? Having too much fun at the beach? Eating too much juicy barbeque and even juicier watermelon? While the warm weather and relaxed pace is most certainly welcome, there is one aspect of summer that is certainly not:[…]

    How to Bathe a Dog

    When you ask, “Ugh, what’s that smell?!” or, “Who tracked in all this mud?!” – and the answer is your dog, it’s time for a bath! While your pooch may enjoy taking a dip in the lake or even sticking his paws in the pool, chances are water and shampoo and being held down is[…]

    How The Lost Pet Service Works

    How DocuPet Helps Lost Pets Our Lost Pet System is a free online tool designed to connect pet owners and their community, allowing you to share updates about the whereabouts and condition of lost pets. Our Pet Tags are engraved with your pet’s unique identifying code, which is tied directly to their[…]

    Fido Missing? Don’t Panic – Here’s What To Do

    Your stomach drops. Your heart stops. Your mind races with “what ifs.” You’ve lost your best furry friend. Don’t panic (easier said than done, we know!). Instead, get to work finding Fido. Act Fast An open gate, a dropped leash, an enticing squirrel — all of these can result in[…]

    15 Tweets About Being a #dogmom

    Here are 15 howlarious tweets for all the #DogMoms celebrating this Mother’s Day! You always help them look their best. You document every cute moment.   You do nice things for them… Like telling them how cute they are: Sharing every moment with them: Celebrating with them: Spoiling them: Or even checking[…]

    Get In Sync With Your Dog

    Knowing what your dog is trying to tell you can help keep your dog feeling safe and secure. You and your furry friend can become even more connected if you learn how to pay attention to these subtle cues in your dog’s body language. Find out how your dog is feeling[…]

    10 Songs All About Dogs

    Musicians love their four-legged friends just as much as the rest of us! They have been writing songs to celebrate their dogs forever! Here are 10 of the most heartwarming songs written about our furry companions. I Love My Dog – Cat Sevens Here is Cat Stevens singing about how much he loves[…]

    How to Start Your Own Dog Walking Group

    Your dog is your best buddy, but sometimes your furry friend might not be the best conversation. One way to make dog walks more fun is to find some pals with pups and start your own dog walking group! Dog walking groups don’t just turn your walk into a social event,[…]

    Does Your Pet Dream?

    Have you ever seen your dog running or heard your cat chattering in their sleep? Maybe you’ve wondered what is going on, and the question is does your pet dream?   Since we can’t ask them whether or not they dream, we have to use what we know about humans.[…]