Help us fund local animal welfare intiatives.

DocuPet’s mission is to help provide a safe and happy home for every pet. Beyond raising funds through pet registrations, and helping lost pets get home with our HomeSafe™ service, we have created a Donation Program. 

We call it our Safe&Happy Fund, and the net proceeds directly support animal welfare in the communities we serve.

You can help us raise funds by...

Purchasing items in our store. 

We donate 20% of all product revenue from the DocuPet Store, including custom tags.

Making a donation.

We collect donations from pet owners
when they register their pets online.

Who do we support?

The net proceeds of the funds we generate for the Safe&Happy Fund are donated to local animal welfare charities and initiatives.

VIDEO (1:51) - Our friends at the Kingston Humane Society explain what “Kitten Season” is and how you can help them deal with the annual influx of stray cats right now.

Did you know you can support your local animal shelter by:

  1. Giving a gift. Any amount helps!
  2. Donating a "wishlist" item.
  3. Volunteering your time.
  4. Providing a temporary foster home.
  5. Adopting a new pet.