Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Guelph

Walking Your Dog In Guelph? Lucky! We Love These Options

Looking for a great place to walk your dog in Guelph? Our city is chock full of trails and parks guaranteed to keep your pup’s paws moving. You’ll love these walks just as much as he does. So why are we wasting time chit-chatting: let’s get to it!


Hanlon Creek Trail

505 Kortright Road West, Guelph, ON

Looking for a bit of a challenge and a whole lot of serenity? Head to Hanlon Creek Trail. It’s a scenic favourite among dog walkers. Believe it or not, it starts at the bustling Stone Road Mall, but you’re quickly transported to a beautiful world of 100-year old hemlock trees and abundant plant and animal life.

The Guelph Mercury Tribune named Hanlon Creek Trail as one of its top five hikes. Check out other contenders and find the hike/walk that works for you and your pooch. Whether you want to stroll or get strenuous, you’re sure to find your next adventure.


Speed River Trail

Near Priory Park, Guelph, ON

This is a 6.3 kilometre riverside trail that is appropriate for all skill levels. It offers great views all around and features several points of interest. You can walk along Riverside Park, where you will find Floral Clock and a peaceful rock garden and waterfall, as well as by the Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

One note of caution: AllTrails reviewer and mountain biker Samantha Hall says that it’s a good trail for biking but the only thing she “didn’t like was the skinny wood plank you have to go across with the bike over a mini river.” If you think your dog isn’t up to this challenge, don’t worry: there are plenty more options!


Guelph Leash-Free Zones

Guelph loves its furry, friendly residents. The city has designated leash-free zones in many parks, including:


  • Centennial Park (373/377 College Avenue West): The off-leash section sits near the tennis court and baseball diamond. Let your pooch release all his energy, meet and greet other dogs, and generally act like the silly fun-lover he is. If your dog is not ready for a leash-free zone, use the Stonedust Trail or the convenient asphalt trail to get his walk in.


  • Riverside Park (709 Woolwich Street). We mentioned this above, but we didn’t tell you the best news: Riverside Park has an off-leash area!
  • Crane Park (96 Dovercliffe Road). Flowing brook: check. Nature area: check. Serenity: check. Fun: check. This off-leash area has it all!
  • Eramosa River Park. After your dog has had his fill of frolicking, leash up and head to the beautiful Eramosa River Trail so you can have your fill of natural beauty.
  • Off-Leash Dog Park (Hanlon Road). Partially fenced in, this park offers acres of wooded and open space, a pond, and, according to reviews, friendly dogs and owners!
  • Lee Street Park (Lee Street). Another partially fenced park, your dog will love the open areas. It is close to a kids’ park and basketball court, so you can bring the family.




Guelph plans to expand the number of designated off-leash areas around the city. This is an exciting step for pet owners! Keep your eyes and ears open for new places to exercise your pup.


Off-Leash Rules

When using off-leash areas, your dog must be under your control at all times. He should remain within eye- and earshot, respond to voice commands, and remain in the designated area.

Note: If you have a pitbull, you must leash and muzzle him even in leash-free parks.


Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Guelph

If you’re still working on voice commands or just feel safer with a fenced-in area, there are a few great options near Guelph, including:


  • White Spruce Off-Leash Dog Park (Brampton, ON). This “hidden” park features separate areas for large and small dogs, benches, forested areas, and good canine buddies to play with.


Yelp reviewer Eric R. from Vaughan, Canada, has some words of wisdom in his five-star rating: “You have to drive pretty deep into the park to know its [sic] there otherwise you’d have no idea. In the winter it gets treacherous to drive up the slopes so be careful!”

Thanks, Eric!


  • Richmond Hill Off-Leash Dog Park (Tower Hill Road, Richmond Hill, ON). It’s got a fence. It’s got separate areas for large and small dogs. It’s got picnic tables for humans. It’s got hills and open space for dogs. It’s got it all! Visit, and your pup will have the time of his life.


When using off-leash dog parks, please follow the rules so everyone can enjoy:

  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Keep your dog under constant supervision and verbal control.
  • Be sure that your dog is licensed and has tags showing up to date vaccinations.
  • Remove your dog’s leash when inside the dog park.
  • Do not bring food, toys, or glass into the park. This can cause fights and/or injury.
  • Do not bring dogs who are aggressive, sick, under four months, or in heat.
  • Use the park at your own risk.
  • If your dog becomes aggressive, remove him immediately.
  • Remember that you are subject to the Ontario Dog Owner’s Liability Act.
  • Have a good time!


There is no doubt that Guelph loves dogs, and that your dog will love all the excellent walking opportunities the city has to offer. Tell us your favourite spot, and we’ll see you out there!