Pet Advice

    How to Bathe a Dog

    When you ask, “Ugh, what’s that smell?!” or, “Who tracked in all this mud?!” – and the answer is your dog, it’s time for a bath!

    Leash Training and Collars

    Taking your dog for a stroll is one of the great joys of being a dog owner. Walking side-by-side with your canine companion makes any walk more enjoyable. But having to fight with your dog who pulls or plants can make walking less than stellar. Here are some ways to[…]

    The ABCs of Insuring Your Pet

    Pet insurance is a great way to make sure your pets live longer, healthier lives!

    Adopting Two Puppies

    When you add new members to your family, love doesn’t divide – it multiplies. If you own more than one furry friend, you know how much joy and happiness they bring you. So does that mean adopting two puppies at the same time is a great idea? Hold your horses[…]

    Should You Adopt or Go with a Breeder?

    If you ask dog owners whether you should adopt a dog or purchase one from a breeder, you will likely get completely passionate – and completely opposite – opinions. This is one issue in which there is very little middle ground. But that’s exactly what dog owners should find: common[…]