Pet Life

    Your pet’s take on (the dumpster fire year of) 2020

    Pretty sure all humans can agree, 2020 was one for the (nightmare) books. However, for another esteemed group, 2020 might’ve been the best year yet- we’re not talking about toilet paper companies, we’re talking about our pets.

    How To Save On Pet Expenses

    Being a pet owner can be pricey, here are some tips to help you get more bark for your buck! Health: Vet bills can be expensive. One way to avoid a surprise expense at the vet is by taking good care of your pet’s health with preventative measures. Clean Teeth,[…]

    Living With Both Cats and Dogs

    We’ve all heard the term “fighting like cats and dogs” but does it have to be that way? Can cats and dogs live together in harmony? You bet! Here are some ways you can make cohabiting and even introductions the best they can be. The More The Merrier! Having a home[…]

    Your Cat Will Wear a Collar – Really!

    Not only can your cat wear a collar, but she should. Just as with dogs, collars are a necessity if your cat is lost. The collar’s municipal tags and contact information will help her find her way back to you. You may be thinking, But my cat stays inside. Even[…]

    Going Away?

    Finally! Some time away. Some time to just…relax. No obligations. No chores. Just leisure, good food, and maybe a little scratching behind the ears. After all, your dog needs a break every now and then, too! Whether you’re planning a family reunion or a business trip, sending your pet to[…]