Explore Newmarket: Best Dog Walking Spots

You already know Newmarket, Ontario, is a stunning city with a lot to offer. And you also know that a tired dog is a good — happy  — dog! Exercise is the best prevention, and cure, for disruptive behaviours brought on by excess energy. And you’ll give Fido the best shot at living a long playful life.

So why not combine sightseeing and neighbourhood exploration with healthy activity for both of you? Lace up your sneakers, dress for the weather, and let’s get out and enjoy Newmarket on two  — and four — feet!

Global Pet Foods Dog Park

220 Bayview Parkway, Newmarket ON

Oh, it’s about to get serious. Seriously fun, drooly, and tired. This off-leash dog park allows your dog to run to his heart’s content and play with other canine buddies. The spacious, fenced-in area features separate sections for large and small dogs, a wood chip surface, and wood logs (they make pretty good obstacles for whatever course your pup creates!).

Pet mama Rachel M. Lilliman-Rapley, who has a feisty boxer/lab says, “Pepper still pulls hard when we go out for a walk. She is 1 year old and still has a lot of energy. It's nice to come to a park where she can run free and I have no worries of her escaping.”

For you, there’s beautiful scenery, two viewing areas, and benches so you can take a break before hitting our other favourite Newmarket walking hotspots.

Phyllis Rawlinson Park

11715 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Just 20 kilometres from Newmarket, you’ll find another great off-leash option. And we’re betting you'll enjoy Phyllis Rawlinson Park as much as your dog. With a one hectare fenced-in area, the off-leash area features a double-gated entrance, separate areas for large and small dogs, and plenty of room to burn off some energy! It’s a convenient stop with onsite parking and restrooms.

While you’re there, why not put the leash back on and stroll around the numerous trails, check out the community garden, and wander in Celebration Forest (a terrific tree dedication program).

Alessandro Tarantelli, a husky owner, says, “I took my dog here today and she had the time of her life. She met a lot of great dogs…. The people I met were great as well, very friendly and easy to talk to.” Your dog gets to socialize; why shouldn’t you?

Fairy Lake Park

520 Water Street, Newmarket, ON

Off-leash is always fun, but you can expand your range — and teach your dog good walking manners — by exploring areas with your dog on-leash. Fairy Lake Park is spread over 13.4 hectares in the heart of Newmarket’s historic downtown.

Full of playgrounds, picnic areas, barbeques, outdoor water features, walking trails, and, of course, Fairy Lake itself, this is the perfect opportunity to escape for a few hours (or a whole day!) with your pooch. You’ll find plenty of parking, free year-round admission, and restrooms.

Alysha Dupuis says, “The dog loves to go for walks here. There is also the splash area for kids in the summertime and a skating rink in the winter.” Why not bring the family and make a day of it!

Other Terrific Public Parks

All Over Newmarket, ON!


  • George Richardson Park (Bayview Parkway)
  • Paul Semple Park (Savage Road)
  • Bonshaw Avenue Park (Bonshaw Avenue)
  • Armstrong Park (Joe Persechini Drive)
  • College Manor Park (College Manor Drive)
  • And many more! Check out a list of Newmarket’s parks here.

Please remember to keep your dog on his leash when you are enjoying the parks’ trails and walkways —  even if he’s well-behaved. It is up to all of us to keep these resources open to all (including our four-legged friends). And always clean up after your pet!

Make Your Own

All Over Newmarket, ON!

MapMyWalk is a great resource to give you inspiration for your next adventure. There are various options in and around Newmarket, ranging from an easy kilometre to more rigorous eight to ten-kilometer options.

Or… you could create your own route. Explore the city. Stroll by your favourite sites. Power walk through beautiful scenery. Sniff around new neighbourhoods. The great part about a walk is that it can be different every day.

Dog Park Etiquette

When you enjoy an off-leash dog park, please make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy too!

  • Be responsible for your dog at all times; you must remain inside the fence with your pup.
  • Stoop and scoop! Containers are provided.
  • Make sure your dog is licensed and is up-to-date with his vaccinations.
  • Do not bring dogs under six months old or those who must have a muzzle under the Dog Owners Liability Act.
  • Keep the leash on when entering and exiting the park.
  • Take the leash off in the fenced-in area for safety.
  • Don’t bring treats. They can cause scuffles and fights.
  • Leave immediately if your dog behaves aggressively.
  • Give your pet a time-out if he’s overexcited.
  • Remember that rambunctious play is normal. Watch for signs of escalation though.
  • Have fun!

Now, what are you sitting here for? Get out and enjoy some great exercise at one of Newmarket’s many dog-friendly locales.