How You Can Help Shelters This Kitten Season

VIDEO (1:51) - Our friends at the Kingston Humane Society explain what “Kitten Season” is and how you can help shelters deal with the annual influx of stray cats right now.

Across North America each spring, local animal shelters find themselves inundated with stray kittens and cats.

Animal shelters call this time of year “kitten season” because, while cats mate any time of year, they more often give birth when their kittens are likely to survive in warmer weather.

Gearing up for the season means clearing space, preparing kennels, stocking up on supplies such as food, toys and blankets, and making sure that staff and volunteers are ready for a surge of intakes, assessments, and treatments.

Community shelters typically spend more time treating, caring for and housing cats than they do dogs. “Before I started at the shelter I was very much a dog person,” says Kingston Humane Society’s Programs Manager Christie Haaima, “but after working here for ten years I’m 100% completely a cat person. And I think it’s just because cats seem so disposable to the community.”

“65% of dogs that are brought to us as strays are returned to their owners,” explains Gord Hunter, Kingston Humane’s Executive Director. “Only 5% of cats are ever returned. So it really shows that our society needs to see cats on the same level as dogs.”

“They’re going to be so much happier in a safe and happy home, and that’s absolutely what they deserve.”

Christie Haaima, Programs Manager, Kingston Humane Society

How can you help during Kitten Season?

If now is not the time to bring a new cat into your home, there are other ways you might want to consider supporting your local shelter.

Haaima says, “We’re always in need of supplies. So cat litter and food, toys and enrichment items. Adoption is one thing, but there are so many other ways that people can help.”

We know you’ve done your part to help support animal welfare by registering with us, but please consider lending a little boost to your local shelter this time of year, be that with a donation, dropping of some supplies, or just sharing this bit of information around to help raise awareness this Kitten Season.