Meet Roxie the Escape Artist Kitten

VIDEO (0:47) - Nicole shares the story of Roxie’s solo adventure and return home.
Those of us lucky enough to have pets in our lives know exactly how much joy they can bring. We hear firsthand from pet owners every day exactly what makes their furry friend unique and irreplaceable. Whether your pet takes up more of the bed than seems possible, nudges you incessantly until you give in and pet them, or makes you laugh with their ridiculous antics, your pet is an important part of your family. You’d be lost without them and them without you. This is why we take pet tags so seriously. A tag helps get your family member home where they belong, often skipping the shelter altogether. But, your pet has to wear their HomeSafe™ tag for it to work. It’s not enough to simply register your pet. Their tag has to be securely around their neck. In spite of their personality, if they go missing, your pet can’t tell whoever finds them that they’re lost, scared, and want to go home. They’re voiceless but for their tag. Take Roxie, for example. She’s your typical kitten: curious, adventurous, and sneaky. Just as 1 in 3 pets will at some point in their lifetime, she snuck out. Luckily, she was wearing her tag and was returned to her owner within the hour - even before she was known to have escaped! Our pets are explorers. It can’t be helped. If that heart-sinking moment comes when they go missing, your HomeSafe™ tag will give you some peace of mind that they’ll be home soon.