Our 2020 HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Report

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare is something they just don’t imagine could happen to them - their beloved family cat or dog becomes lost.

According to the BCSPCA, 1 in 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime. That means over 1 million dogs or cats go missing each year across Canada. Even more heartbreaking - 80% of these lost pets will not be reunited with their owners. We hate that number, so we decided to do something about it.

HomeSafe™ was created to offer pet owners a proactive solution in the sudden and unexpected event of a lost pet. When you license your dog or cat through DocuPet, you’re able to provide crucial information along with photos that will help to identify and recover them in a safe manner. The moment you realize your pet is missing, you can submit a Lost Pet Report via your DocuPet account within seconds. Our HomeSafe™ staff, along with registered DocuPet pet owners in your community instantly receives your lost pet report and gets to work on locating your pet.

In 2020, DocuPet’s dedicated HomeSafe™ staff reunited over 1400 lost pets with their owners!

Our mission here at DocuPet is to provide safe and happy homes for all pets. Because of this, we found it not only important, but absolutely necessary to dedicate a team committed to the ever-important goal of reuniting lost pets with their owners. Our HomeSafe™ staff comprises passionate pet lovers who work 24/7, 365 to get lost pets back to their homes quickly and safely.

So, how can you make this unforeseen nightmare less of a nightmare?

  • Make sure your pet is wearing their valid licence tag at all times. Registered pets that are easily identifiable are reunited with their families much sooner, resulting in that pet spending little to no time at the shelter.
  • Update your pet’s profile to include a photo. Remember, your pet’s licence comes equipped with full access to our HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service. Photos are extremely helpful when it comes to identifying a lost pet - make sure your pet’s uploaded photo is recent and of good quality.
  • Include important information unique to your pet. Will your pet run away if chased? Do they need to be coaxed with a treat? In your pet’s profile, supply any considerations someone may need to know if they find your pet.
  • Keep a lookout for lost pet reports! When a pet goes missing in your community, licensed pet owners are notified. Think of it as an automatic search party - when we all work together, lost pets get home faster.

“As pet owners ourselves, we realize just how devastating and stressful this situation can be. We all treat these lost pet reports with the attitude and urgency as if they were our own.”

- Ashley, HomeSafe™ agent.