Out and About in Aurora: Best Places to Walk Your Dog

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your beloved pet healthy, happy, and well-behaved. And, when you choose walking, you reap the benefits as well! Wondering about the best dog walking spots in Aurora so you can get out and explore? Start your adventurous wanderings here.

Town of Aurora Pedestrian Trail System


All Over Aurora, ON!

Aurora boasts 57 kilometers of maintained trails (thanks Town of Aurora!) that connect to parks, open space corridors, and town facilities. They could not be more convenient or easier to integrate into your daily routine. Try:



  • Tim Jones Trail. A community trail if there ever was one, Tim Jones makes its way from Newmarket to Sheppards Bush, linking town facilities like the Town Hall, Aurora Seniors Centre, Aurora Community Arboretum, and the Aurora Family Leisure Complex. If you’re in the area, hop on the trail and enjoy both urban and natural sights.


  • Klaus Wehrenberg Trail. This connects to the Tim Jones at Sheppards Bush. It’ll take you through a serene hardwood forest.


  • Willow Farm/Lakeview Trail. Get your heart rate up with this hilly walk. As part of Aurora’s connected trail system, it links to parks and open space corridors in the northwest section of the city.





Learn more and get a map of the Aurora Pedestrian Trail System so you can make the most of your next walk.


Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area

93 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora, ON

Sounds good to us! Sheppard’s Bush is a sprawling 65 acre conservation area with over three kilometres of hiking trails that’ll spice up your walk routine. Most of the area is forested. Enjoy mixed forest, mature pine plantations, a sugar bush, and the East Holland River ravine.


Aurora Community Arboretum

Between Wellington Street and St. John’s Side Road, Aurora, ON


A real gem, the arboretum spans more than 100 acres and features specimen trees, a native tree collection, and naturalized forest, wetlands, and meadows. TripAdvisor reviewer NanaHayes from Richmond Hill says, “I always walk my dog on the pathway and love to read about all the trees and places.”


She also stops to reflect at the trees and benches dedicated to friends who have passed. A peaceful spot, the arboretum is the perfect place to wander and be inspired while you and your pooch walk.


Downtown Aurora

Aurora, ON


Mix up your nature walks with a trip downtown. You can pound the pavement, take in Aurora’s businesses, do some people watching, and enjoy the atmosphere. While there, swing by Yonge Street for a look at the Canadian Moments Mural.


TripAdvior reviewer theoilytravelers writes, “We’ve been admiring this mural since we got here. What a great representation of Canada! Beautiful[ly] done. Got up close and personal while out for a walk :)”


Fluffy Puppies

14799 Yonge Street (Unit 1), Aurora, ON


Aurora’s top pet care boutique caters to small dogs. They offer playcare, grooming, and training. What does this have to do with walks? Well, this: Fluffy Puppies offers free doggie socials every Wednesday evening at 7:00.


From April through October, you’ll join other dog owners for a stroll around one of the local parks. When it gets colder, you can utilize Fluffy Puppies’ spacious indoor playcare area. It can be difficult to exercise your dog during cold Canadian winters; this is a great solution. Plus, you’ll enjoy human and canine socialization and fun!


Canine Commons

Industrial Parkway North, Aurora, ON

(Parking access is shared with the Arboretum – two great sites, one convenient lot!)


Aurora loves its furry residents. The city recently pumped over $70,000 into the Canine Commons off-leash park to improve its fence, lay down paw-friendly mulch, address mud concerns, and ensure everyone has a terrific time running, playing, exploring, and socializing.


Maybe you’ll meet these friendly dogs. They’re saying hello, the canine way.

Canine Commons is Aurora’s only off-leash dog park, but you can check out these others in nearby Richmond Hill:



Remember Your Dog Park Petiquette

While you’re enjoying an off-leash dog park, please observe the rules:

  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Keep your dog under constant supervision and verbal control.
  • Make sure your dog is licensed and has tags showing up to date vaccinations.
  • Remove his leash when inside the dog park.
  • Do not bring food, toys, or glass into the park.
  • Do not bring dogs who are sick, under four months, in heat, or aggressive.
  • Use the park at your own risk. You are subject to the Ontario Dog Owner’s Liability Act.
  • If your dog becomes aggressive, remove him immediately.
  • Be a responsible, attentive dog owner and have fun!

Aurora offers enough trails, parks, and streets to ensure you can take a different walk every day. Tell us your favourite spots!