10 Songs All About Dogs

Musicians love their four-legged friends just as much as the rest of us! They have been writing songs to celebrate their dogs forever! Here are 10 of the most heartwarming songs written about our furry companions.

I Love My Dog – Cat Sevens

Here is Cat Stevens singing about how much he loves his dog. This sweet little song was released in 1966 but we still feel the same way about our dogs today!

Martha My Dear – The Beatles

Paul McCartney wrote this song about his Sheepdog Martha. Paul McCartney loved Martha so much that one of Martha’s puppies even ended up on the cover of the album Paul is Live.

The Dog Song – Nellie McKay

A dog walk can be the perfect cure for when you’re feeling down. “It’s just me and my dog/ Catching some sun/ We can’t go wrong.”

Dog’s Life – Eels

Would you want to spend your days laying in the sun and living like your pup? This song is all about wishing you could live like your four-legged friend.

My Dog and Me – John Hiatt

A song describing how great it feels to be out walking with your dog! “Buddy, I coulda gone that extra mile/ For an extra bark or an extra smile/ ‘Cause I never felt so free/ It was just my dog and me.”

The Puppy Song – Harry Nilsson

Any song about a puppy is bound to be cute but this song is especially sweet! Don’t we all wish we had a puppy to take with us wherever we go?

Everything Reminds Me of My Dog – Jane Siberry

This cheerful and silly song about how people, places, things and feelings can all be reminders of how great your dog is. “If you remind me of my dog we’ll probably get along”.

Gonna Buy Me a Dog – The Monkees

Another song about how a dog is your best friend and, in this case, a cure for heartbreak! This video will definitely make you want to go run around and play with your pup.

I Love My Dog – Sublime

The second song called I Love My Dog! This song is written for Sublime’s frontman Bradley Nowell’s Dalmatian Lou Dog, who was a mascot for the band. Lou Dog would wander around on stage while they played shows and was even on one of their album covers.

Man of the Hour – Norah Jones

This song sounds like she’s telling us all about something romantic, but Norah Jones is really singing about her Poodle Ralph!

And Here is a Bonus Song for Your Dog!

A Day in the Life, the final song on The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album features a special section just for your dog! Put this song on and wait until the very end, there are apparently 12 seconds of a 15-kilohertz tone starting at 5:00. You won’t be able to hear it but your pup will be able to hear what is commonly known as a dog whistle!


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