Why Is Licensing Your Pet Mandatory in North America?

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    Nearly every community in North America has pet licensing by-laws and ordinances on the books. But, as we found in our comprehensive research with municipalities, average compliance rates are just 13 percent. As you can see “It’s the law” isn’t the most effective justification for mandatory pet licensing. Most people simply disregard this regulation. So let’s go beyond by-laws and ordinances. Why does it matter so much?

    Why Is Compliance So Low In My City?

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    Across North America, pet license compliance perpetually hovers in the 10% range. We’ve seen this time and time again through the hundreds of municipal consultations we’ve led. There are many reasons offered as to why this often polarizing municipal requirement is so consistently low, including – but not limited to[…]

    How Easy Is It To Purchase A Pet License In Your City?

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    Today’s article is a follow up to last week’s, in which we debunked the myth that license cost is the biggest driver of low compliance in a municipality’s animal licensing program. In fact, there are 4 other separate but interconnected drivers that need to be addressed if your city is[…]