Get In Sync With Your Dog

Knowing what your dog is trying to tell you can help keep your dog feeling safe and secure. You and your furry friend can become even more connected if you learn how to pay attention to these subtle cues in your dog’s body language. Find out how your dog is feeling by paying attention to their tail, eyes, ears, face and stance.

The more you can find out about how your pup is feeling, the more you can do to keep them feeling calm and happy.

Take a look at this video for 16 helpful tips for reading your dog’s body language:

Do You Have a Hyperactive Pup?

If your dog is a barker, a chewer or a worrier have a look at this list of 5 ways to calm a hyperactive dog.

If your dog loves a brain-stimulating challenge, you can make them one of these puzzle toys.

Good Dog!

While you’re learning to listen to your dog, you can also get your dog to listen to you! Here are 51 ways to quickly teach your dog how to behave.

Reward your obedient pal (and yourself) with an adventure and these 5 tips for a successful dog walk.

Over To You!

Does your pup have a favourite DIY toy? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep a hyperactive dog calm and happy?

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