How The Lost Pet Service Works

How DocuPet Helps Lost Pets

Our Lost Pet System is a free online tool designed to connect pet owners and their community, allowing you to share updates about the whereabouts and condition of lost pets.

Our Pet Tags are engraved with your pet’s unique identifying code, which is tied directly to their online profile. This six-digit code is what allows both you and members of your community to easily and efficiently communicate through our system’s Lost and Found Pet Reports.

What to do if Your Pet Gets Lost

Try to stay calm. After notifying your close friends and family, take a minute to follow these steps:

  1. Login to your DocuPet online account.
  2. Navigate to your pet’s profile and submit a Lost Pet Report. Be sure to provide as much information as possible about their last known whereabouts.

In a matter of seconds, this will notify our team, the local Humane Society, and members of your community to ask for help. They’ll be sent details about the pet, any contact information you make available, and some tips to help track them down.

Our team will post the Lost Pet Report on your Municipality’s DocuPet website and across our various social media channels. We’ll also circulate the report to the local DocuPet Lost Pet Brigade, who will actively begin searching the area.

Top Tip: Make sure you keep your cell phone on you or designate someone to man your home phone, in case someone tries to get in touch with you. You should also check your email frequently as this is where any Found Pet Reports will be sent.

What if Someone Finds My Pet?

Anyone, not just DocuPet members, can access your pet’s profile using their tag code.

Depending on what information you have made available through her profile, they may get in touch with you through your direct contact information or submit a Found Pet Report.

Found Pet Reports are available even if you do not have an online profile and are designed to quickly get you key information about your pet’s location and condition, and make it easy for those who spot or find them to help.

When they fill out the report the person who found the pet must include their name and contact information, make note of their condition, and whether or not they actually have the pet in their possession. If they don’t have them then they will note their last known location.

Once submitted, you are immediately sent a copy of their report. We recommend you follow up on any Found Pet Reports right away!

What do I do When My Pet Gets Home?

When your pet is safely home, please remember to remove the Lost Pet Report via your online account. Doing so will share the good news with the rest of your community and let people know that they can stop searching!

How to Set up Your Pet’s Profile

By now, it should be really clear that your pet’s profile plays a huge role in getting them home if they ever become lost.

You’ll want to ensure that their online profile is up to date with your contact information.

Top Tips:

  • Consider including multiple phone numbers
  • Add any secondary addresses where you spend time (family, friends, work, etc.)
  • Enter the names of some of their other caregivers and pet sitters
  • Do your best to describe their temperament and any identifying markings
  • Upload photos
  • Note their feeding schedule and vaccination records
  • Provide care instructions and veterinarian information

These details can be extremely helpful to anyone who is temporarily caring for your pet while working to get them home safely.

Through your privacy settings you can decide what information you want to make available and when. We recommend you keep basic information about your pet public at all times, and make sure your contact information is visible if ever they are in a “lost status”.

DocuPet profiles are also an awesome place to keep track of important information about your pet, including vaccination records and food preferences.