How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Spring

Spring is finally (kinda) here! You’re going to be out and about with your dog much more, and that is really something to look forward to!

But with the melting ice and snow come some things to keep in mind when on your outdoor adventures with Fido.

Take a peek at this list of tips to learn how to handle spring walks like a pro and how to have a safer spring walk with your pup from the Ontario SPCA:

Warmer Weather On The Way

Spring quickly gives way to summer, and ticks love warmer weather just like the rest of us!

We’re hearing a lot more about these nasty little critters these days, so it’s smart to keep your pet safe and tick-free with these helpful links:

How to Remove Ticks: We’ve put together a go-to guide to how you can safely remove ticks from dogs without hurting them.

Make Your Own Tick Repellent! Check out this all natural recipe from Primally Inspired!

Cleaning Up After A Walk

All those April showers don’t just bring May flowers, they also bring messy walks!

If you’re feeling adventurous you can also try giving your furry friend a bath.

Or try this recipe for a DIY dog shampoo will help you keep the mud outside without breaking the bank.

Over To You!

What are your top tips for keeping your dogs safe when you’re out walking?

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