How Your Pet’s License is Giving Back to the Community

During this season of giving thanks, we want to thank you and your furry friend for making a difference in your community. By obtaining a valid license, you’re doing your part not only to ensure public safety, but to improve the lives of local pets in need. Let’s break that down.

Ensuring Public Safety

Your community requires all pets to be vaccinated against rabies. By licensing your pet, you are providing this proof and taking an active role in furthering the goal of a safe and healthy community.

Opening Up Shelter Space

Pets wearing their official license tags spend little to no time at the shelter if they go missing. With our HomeSafe™ lost pet service, licensed pets are returned home quickly and safely. This is great news for your local shelter, as they need to focus their time and efforts on animals that aren’t lucky enough to have permanent families yet.

Providing Funds for Local Animal Welfare Initiatives

The money spent on your pet’s official licence goes right back into the community. These funds support local animal welfare programs and initiatives from protection to education. Choose to upgrade to one of our designer tags and even more money is donated: 20% of every designer tag purchase is donated to these local initiatives.

As a small token of our appreciation, use code THANKS to receive 30% off our designer tag line. Be sure to check out our Thanksgiving tags in the All About Autumn collection, so your pet can dress for the big dinner too!