Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… let’s keep it that way by avoiding surprise vet visits. The holidays and all the decor and food that comes along with it provides endless temptations for your pets. Here’s some tips to keep them (and your precious decorations) safe. Step away from the tree. I repeat, step away from the tree.

Can you blame your pet? A shiny new object just ripe for the climbing and tugging right there in plain sight for days on end?! Some pets could care less, while others find the opportunity to help you out several weeks in advance by prematurely taking the tree down. Make sure your tree isn’t easy to tip over and remove tangle-prone tinsel if your cat is of the climbing variety. Opt for plastic bulbs versus glass, and even though it may mess with your tree’s aesthetic, place your smaller ornaments higher up on the tree as they pose a choking hazard. Oh, and no drinking from the tree – not only is it weird, it can be toxic.

Paws off that people food

Vets are super busy this time of year, a big reason for that? Table scraps. We know those begging eyes are hard to resist, but changing your pet’s diet and ingesting food that’s new to them could result in a pricey, unexpected trip to the vet. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on some cute tags and toys for your pet?

Give them their safe space

Your pet may be a party animal, but they still need somewhere to retreat to when they’ve had enough of Aunt Deborah. If you’re having a small get-together (y’know, 6 or less people), make a comfortable space for your pet in a separate room where they can seek solace with their favorite toys, kennel, or whatever gives them peace.

Toss that wrapping paper

While you’re reveling in the glory of a shiny new gift, you may not notice your little buddy helping himself to a new variety of appetizer. Your pet may think that wrapping paper tastes as good as it looks, keep an eye on your pets while unwrapping gifts and dispose of the paper after you’ve unwrapped it.

Extinguish unwatched candles or fireplaces


Practice entering your house through the chimney

The last thing we want is your pet scaring away Santa and ruining Christmas for everyone. So head up to your roof and… actually.. uh, this one is dangerous. Just have a sit down talk with your pet and explain that this is the one time they shouldn’t freak out about a strange old man entering your house while everyone is asleep.