Your pet’s take on (the dumpster fire year of) 2020

Just imagine how much worse this year would’ve been if we didn’t have our furry isolation buddies there to help us along the way. As we worked, studied, played, and pouted from home, our loyal companions were right there by our sides, wondering what they did to deserve constant quality time with their favorite people in the whole entire world. 

As you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your pet is close by (look at them, aren’t they cute?!). Let us translate all the ways in which they’ve enjoyed this wild ride of a year:

  • They loved to binge shows with you. They hate to admit it, but they are also rooting for a season 2 of Tiger King
  • All that home cooking and carry-out presented new smells that they didn’t even realize existed
  • They’ve surpassed the HEY, WHO ARE YOU, GET OFF MY PORCH phase with the delivery drivers, and are now in the HEY, GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN, GET OFF MY PORCH stage of the relationship
  • So. Many. Walks.
  • Zoom calls presented the perfect opportunity to be as loud as possible in the background (they knew you were looking for a legit reason to mute, anyway)
  • Listen, they love Aunt Deborah, but they were so relieved they didn’t have to deal with her shenanigans this year at Thanksgiving. Plus, she smells like mothballs.

Lastly, they are especially thankful that during a year where excuses reigned supreme, you still did the right thing and made sure they were up to date on their license. It’s the least you could do for the most perfect pandemic pal in the universe.