A Few Weeks of Fostering Can Make a Lifetime of Difference

VIDEO (1:55) - Miranda, the Foster Program Coordinator at the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, shares how she found her passion for animal welfare by volunteering with shelter animals and why she made it her full-time job.

“I groomed for a while and volunteered my service to shelter dogs and then I decided that, you know, this was for me. I wanted to work in a shelter and make a difference.”

Animals placed into foster care usually aren’t ready to be adopted just yet and may require some special care. This can range from nurturing very young kittens until they’re old enough to adopt, to helping adult animals that are recovering from injuries or that have behavioral needs.

It’s a rewarding experience that leaves a lasting mark on foster families and pets.

Miranda and many animal lovers like her directly support pets in foster care, as well as those foster guardians welcome a pet into their home temporarily until a forever home can be found.

“...giving an animal a few weeks in your home can just save their life and give them what they didn’t have before... you cry, definitely, when you say goodbye but you’re making, just, such a change.”

To learn more about foster programs in your community, reach out to your local animal shelter.