Pet Safety

    Winter Holiday Safety Tips For Pet Owners

    The holidays are an exciting time for you and your pets; lots of new people to greet and lots of delicious meals to smell. There are also ways the holidays can be overwhelming for your pets and some things that can pose a danger to your furry friends. Here’s another[…]

    How to Make a Pet Emergency Preparedness Kit

    When an emergency strikes, it’s important that you and your family are ready for anything. Having all the essentials your pet could need ready to go in the event of a disaster can give you peace of mind. You can purchase premade Emergency kits, but you can also assemble your[…]

    Toxic Plants Your Pets Should Avoid

    From Your Flowerbed: Lillies: There are several kinds of lilies, with varying degrees of toxicity that should be avoided by all your pets, especially your feline friends. High toxicity (star lily, glory lily, lily of the valley) Kidney failure (swollen abdomen – fluid retention, unusual urination – marked increase or[…]

    Fido Missing? Don’t Panic – Here’s What To Do

    Your stomach drops. Your heart stops. Your mind races with “what ifs.” You’ve lost your best furry friend. Don’t panic (easier said than done, we know!). Instead, get to work finding Fido.

    How to Remove Ticks From Dogs

    Ah, the carefree days of summer! What do you have to worry about? Having too much fun at the beach? Eating too much juicy barbeque and even juicier watermelon? While the warm weather and relaxed pace are most certainly welcome, there is one aspect of summer that is certainly not:[…]