Kingston’s Hottest Dog Walking Spots

Regular exercise is a great way to keep your dog happy, healthy, and well-behaved. (Works for us humans too!) What’s the best place to walk your dog in the YGK? Let’s find out so you can lace up your sneakers and get going!


The Haunted Walk of Kingston

200 Ontario Street, Kingston ON

We double dog dare you to go on this spooky adventure. Explore Kingston’s darker side — with your best friend. You’ll tour hidden graveyards and other spooky venues while listening to tales guaranteed to raise your hackles. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on tours that do not visit buildings; please keep your pup on his leash at all time.

TripAdvisor reviewer randommeg2017 writes, “We went on a rainy February night with 2 dogs and had a great time!” Spooky history comes to life in Kingston!


Downtown Kingston

Princess Street, Kingston ON

Princess Street is full of great window shopping, historical sites, and prime-people watching. If your dog is generally well-behaved (i.e. not aggressive or skittish), this is a great way to exercise and explore Kingston’s heart. It can also help you teach your dog good walking habits and socialize him around people.

And when you work up an appetite from all that walking, stop in at Chez Piggy. Not only do they serve amazing food (you have to try the… everything. It’s all delicious!), they have a terrific dog-friendly patio. Again, this is perfect for well-behaved dogs who can chill while you enjoy your meal and the views.


City Park

King Street East, Kingston ON

If you want to escape to nature, you don’t have to go far. Ten minutes west of City Hall, you’ll find a peaceful walkway, water garden, and grassy open spaces to meander around. If you want to make an afternoon of it, bring some company. Two playgrounds, barbeques, picnic tables, a summer splash pad, two winter ice rinks, and restrooms make it a family-friendly outing.

Kingston is home to several gorgeous parks that welcome on-leash pups. Check them out!. When visiting, please keep your dog on-leash and clean up after him.


Kingston Dog Parks:

All Over Kingston, ON!

Sometimes, you just need a good run and tumble with other dogs. Or at least your pet does. Kingston’s off-leash parks are perfect for expending energy. If your dog displays habits, like pulling, that make it difficult to walk him in public areas, this is the way to get him tuckered out while he socializes.

Kingston’s dog parks have ample space to run and play, double entry gates, strong fences, and plenty of opportunity to make friends — both canine and human.




  • Rotary Park (1280 Coverdale Drive). Pup dad Polish Pete writes, “The park is outstanding. The fence is solid, half of the area is forested with little trails. The dogs love running there!”
  • Meadowbrook Park (444 Kingsdale Avenue). Google reviewer Steven King recommends boots if it’s muddy! Otherwise, it’s a great park for dryer weather.
  • Memorial Centre (303 York Street). Proud dog owner Jon Abraham’s five star Google review exclaims, “Favourite dog park in Kingston. May not have as many trees, but has best open area for dogs run in huge areas! Good for all sizes and breeds… Many friendly and well-behaved dogs.”
  • Grass Creek Park (2991 Highway 2 E). TripAdvisor reviewer Kathryn H. says this is the “best off-leash dog park in the area!”
  • Gore Road Dog Park. We here from Catrina Curren that this is the “best community dog park. Lots of space, friendly owners and dogs.  A small wooded trail for a little excursion. Free parking. Easy access.”


Which is your favourite? Try them all and find out!

Remember Dog Park Etiquette

Interested in a dog park excursion? Follow the rules:

  • Stoop and scoop! Let’s keep our parks safe, clean, and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Keep your dog on his leash until you enter the double gate. Remove once inside for safety.
  • Make sure your dog is licensed and has tags proving he’s up to date with his vaccinations.
  • If your dog is in heat, aggressive, or sick, please do not bring them to the park. If they become aggressive in the park, remove them immediately.
  • Limit yourself to two dogs per person.
  • Supervise your dog at all times. If you bring children under 12, you must also supervise them.
  • Do not bring food (including dog treats) into the fenced-in area.
  • If your dog wears a choke, spike, chain, or pinch collar, remove it when in the off-leash area.
  • Remember you are subject to Ontario Dog Owner’s Liability Act and the City of Kingston Animal Control Bylaw.
  • All pitbulls must wear a muzzle.

Know any other hot spots to walk your dog in Kingston? Share them with your pet community. We’ll see you out there!