Winter Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

    The holidays are an exciting time for you and your pets; lots of new people to greet and lots of delicious meals to smell. There are also ways the holidays can be overwhelming for your pets and some things that can pose a danger to your furry friends. Here’s another[…]

    Why Is Licensing Your Pet Mandatory in North America?

    Nearly every community in North America has pet licensing by-laws and ordinances on the books. But, as we found in our comprehensive research with municipalities, average compliance rates are just 13 percent. As you can see “It’s the law” isn’t the most effective justification for mandatory pet licensing. Most people simply disregard this regulation. So let’s go beyond by-laws and ordinances. Why does it matter so much?

    How to Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

    While you’re out enjoying the warm weather with your pets, it is important to remember that dogs and cats can get overheated just like their owners. Here are some precautions you can take to keep your pets safe from the dangers that come with warmer weather. Keep Your Hot Dogs[…]

    How to Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Weekend

    Check out these helpful tips on how to keep pets safe this holiday weekend (RSPCA): How to Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks: Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise before the fireworks start – If you can make sure your pet is feeling well exercised they may have[…]

    Experts Tips To Keep Pets Safe On Moving Day

    May kicks off what many think of as the unofficial Moving Season. During the warm months, relocations hit their peak. While moving proves difficult enough for humans, there are other members of the family to consider: pets. Moving Stress With all the upheaval involved in a move, pets often get[…]

    Leash Training and Collars

    Taking your dog for a stroll is one of the great joys of being a dog owner. Walking side-by-side with your canine companion makes any walk more enjoyable. But having to fight with your dog who pulls or plants can make walking less than stellar. Here are some ways to[…]

    How a DocuPet License Gets Your Pets Home Safe

    Did you know that your DocuPet tag is so much more than just a license? Your pet’s DocuPet tag is also their ticket HomeSafe! This video explains exactly how our HomeSafe system works:   Our Lost Pet System is a free online tool designed to connect pet owners and their[…]

    Why Is Compliance So Low In My City?

    Across North America, pet license compliance perpetually hovers in the 10% range. We’ve seen this time and time again through the hundreds of municipal consultations we’ve led. There are many reasons offered as to why this often polarizing municipal requirement is so consistently low, including – but not limited to[…]

    How Easy Is It To Purchase A Pet License In Your City?

    Today’s article is a follow up to last week’s, in which we debunked the myth that license cost is the biggest driver of low compliance in a municipality’s animal licensing program. In fact, there are 4 other separate but interconnected drivers that need to be addressed if your city is[…]

    10 Tips to Bring Fido Home

    One in three pets become lost at some point during their life. We don’t like those odds! All it takes is a door or gate left open for a second or two. But you can increase the chances of getting your companion back. If your pet has been missing for[…]